Literature search : To make a methodical and thorough examination of all published sources for information available on a scientific/technical query. Primarily comprise of - journal articles abstracts, books chapters abstracts, conference proceedings abstracts, basic chemical information on elements or compounds, safety data sheets and fundamental information related documents such as encyclopedia descriptions etc.

Chemical structure and detailed chemical information search: A chemical is a substance with a distinct molecular composition that is produced by or used in a chemical process. The information related to the structure and composition of a chemical consists of elemental information, Molecular formula, CAS number, classical representative structure, crystal structure, 3D molecules, structural formula, bonding types etc. will be provided.

Sequence search: Primarily comprise of amino acid sequences of proteins, nucleotide sequences in genetic material, biomolecules sequences (e. g. carbohydrates sequences)

Full text of documents: Full texts documents consist of the entire content of a research publication. For example in case of journal articles these generally consists of Research article title, journal information such as name, volume, publication date etc., Authors and their institutional affiliations, Abstract, Introduction, Experimental methodology, Results Obtained, Discussions, Conclusions and references (A note in a publication referring the reader to another publication) sections.

Rationale: In cases when based on the screening of abstracts or other report contents (e.g. interpretations) provided, if the need is felt to read the complete research methodology and results that the article provides this service may be provided. In case of book chapters, contents may only be provided as single chapters from books if publication house norms allow sell of a single chapter from the book.

Market intelligence:The process to gather and analyse the intellect about products, customers, competitors and any aspect of the environment needed to support in making strategic decisions.

  State of art : as basic information on patents that already exist in the field of the technology or research

  Prior art/ literature search : Includes Novelty search, The search may include searching in databases of patents, patent applications and other documents such as utility models and in the scientific literature.

  Validity : A "validity search" is a prior art search done after a patent issues. The purpose of a validity (or invalidity) search is to find prior art that the patent examiner overlooked so that a patent can be declared invalid.

  Infringement : Typically, a party which manufactures, imports, uses, sells, or offers for sale patented technology (patented by another party) without permission from the patent holder, during the term of the patent and within the country that issued the patent, is considered to infringe the patent

  Patentability : Whether and invention is patentable or not

  Freedom to practise : When bringing a new product to market, it is important to assess and understand the business risks involved, particularly with respect to whether the product may infringe another’s patent rights. A freedom to practice opinion is a legal opinion analyzing the product against a relevant selection of patents to determine the level of risk involved in bringing the product to market. The relevant selection of patents is typically provided by a professional search firm whose job it is to find the patents most relevant to potential infringement analysis in a professional clearance search

  Freedom to operate : Freedom to operate", abbreviated "FTO", is usually used to mean determining whether a particular action, such as testing or commercialising a product, can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others

  General Search : Description, Claims, Drawings, Abstracts, Classification, Date, inventor, Applicant, owner or in other words information such as name searches - These are searches for locating information about published patent documents involving specific companies or individuals, as applicants, assignees, patentees or inventors, Patent dates etc.