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Research Support Services

The latest addition to our portfolio of services, Research & Analysis grew out of a need we felt while working with scholars and authors of scientific research. In a nutshell, Crest R&A is your research assistant. Rely on us to acquire, collect and review authentic scientific data.

Our team of doctorates, who have impeccable academic records in a spectrum of sciences including Material and Life Sciences, is trained to address interdisciplinary queries on basic and advanced science streams. You can choose to work with us on a one-time query or an ongoing long term basis. Whether you are an independent researcher looking for available research on your topic or a corporation in need of patent information while developing a new product, we have a research assistant for you.

How can we assist you?

Literature Review: Give us your research hypothesis and we will leave no page unturned in listing out all relevant literature available from both free and paid access sources, indexed and formatted for your convenience.

Offshore Research Assistant:Depending on your requirements, a full time researcher can work with you throughout the length of your project, performing all the functions of a partner researcher – an economically efficient option for those looking for a well-trained research assistant with specific subject expertise.

Formatting: Our best typesetting and R&A talent come together to format your research paper according to standards set by your university to deliver immaculately formatted papers within aggressive timelines.

Project Management: With the help of our project managers you will find that your project is right on track – they will organise, coordinate and schedule your research life cycle to make sure you never miss a meeting or a deadline.

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